Radical Remission – This is my very favorite “cancer” book. It’s uplifting and an easy read (rare to find either one of those, let alone both, in a book about cancer). It makes a perfect gift for someone recently diagnosed, especially for those with more serious diagnoses that need help seeing a way to a possible positive outcome.

The Cancer Fighting Kitchen – This is a great cookbook. I had a friend with cancer who bought several copies of this and distributed it to people who had offered to cook for her during chemo. What a fantastic idea!

Anti-Cancer, A New Way of Life – Written by a doctor who had cancer himself, this book is full of helpful insights and guidance. It’s a little dense and less of a page-turner than Radical Remission, but still very readable and helpful.


Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. You can donate here.


A Lil Lytnin’ Around the World

Emily Bennett Taylor

Life and Breath: Outliving Lung Cancer

Gray Connections

From Lizzie’s Lungs

Cancer….an unexpected journey


Lunging it up. Fighting lung cancer at 22.

Websites: is a rich community of patients and caregivers. I’ve learned a ton of useful information on the messages boards here.

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