Young and Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

treelungs A few months ago I met Arash & Molly Golbon. Molly and I have a lot in common. We are both about the same age, we both have two kids, we both live in the same area. We’re both never-smokers. And, we were both diagnosed with Stage IV Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) at about the same time. Sigh. I usually try to meet people under better circumstances.

Molly’s husband Arash recently launched a great new blog and today he posted about an important topic: the Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute’s new Genomics of Young Lung Cancer Study. This study, incredibly, marks the very first time anyone has ever researched young lung cancer. Many of us young lung cancer patients have none of the traditional, obvious risk factors: never smoked or lived/worked with smokers, no family history, no major exposure to radon or asbestos, or even much air pollution. Thus far, doctors have offered zero answers, or even good theories, as to why young lung cancer happens … because no one has researched the topic. This ground-breaking study changes that. Please read more about it at Arash’s blog.