Lisa Featured In San Francisco Chronicle Article

[Post by Eric]

Today’s San Francisco Chronicle has an article entitled “Lung cancer study of why young, healthy are stricken.” It addresses a new study, instigated by the Bonnie Addario Foundation, to figure out why so many people under 40 are getting lung cancer. We are still negotiating to include Lisa in the study (her diagnosis occurred when she was 41, but we believe she had lung cancer while she was still 40).

The article discusses Lisa’s situation:

Another young patient, Lisa Goldman, a mother of two who lives in Mountain View, was diagnosed with lung cancer in January at age 40. The disease was found in both lungs and considered stage four.

Like DiMarco, Goldman has tested positive for the ROS1 mutation and has also chosen to hold off on Xalkori after receiving other therapies in combination with traditional chemotherapies.

“I have that in my back pocket to use next,” she said, referring to the Pfizer drug.

Goldman, who may not be eligible for the study now that she’s 41, said the stigma of lung cancer because of its connection to smoking causes her to hesitate about naming her disease and then assert she’s never smoked. But she speaks out about having lung cancer because she says she has to.

“People need to know this happens. I’m not a fan of smoking, but nobody deserves to get cancer,” she said. “Smoking is a contributor to breast cancer and heart disease and other disease, but people don’t ask you if you caused this yourself.”

Goldman’s latest scan showed her tumors had shrunk or remained stable, with the exception of one tiny new spot. But she tries to retain a sense of normalcy, particularly for her kids, ages 8 and 11.

“How do you live with something like this hanging over your head?” she said. “You just can’t live like every day is your last.”

The article includes several photos from when Lisa and I picked up the kids coming back from Camp Kesem. See 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.