At Google, “We Spin For Lisa”

[Eric’s note: Lisa is still recovering from her last chemo infusion, so I’m still manning the blog in the interim. Lisa had many fans of her spinning classes, and we got this heart-warming report from one of her former students at Google.]

Back in January, [some Googlers] were so bummed not to see your name on the GFit schedule each week. Your calm motivation and perfect music-RPM sync made your Tuesday class the highlight of our week!

When we heard about your new fight with cancer, we were extremely saddened, but also incredibly inspired by your resolve to stay positive on your road to recovery. We wanted to send you our support and positive vibes, and to let you know that, as you fight the cancer…we spin for Lisa!


…And it turned out, we weren’t the only ones! Here are some shots of your Tuesday class…sending our support Google style:


_MG_1483 (1)

Thank you, Lisa, for your motivation and inspiration! And for making us all a little bit healthier (and thus happier) over the past months 🙂