Support “Team Lisa” at Two Upcoming Fundraising Athletic Events

[Note: Lisa is recovering from her latest chemo infusion, so this post is by husband Eric.]

There will be “Team Lisa”s at two upcoming fundraiser athletic events. The details:

Jog for Jill, March 16, Berkeley

From Sara Payne (the person responsible for our heart-melting Valentine’s Day meal):

On Sunday, 3/16 several of us will be running (or walking) the Your Next Step is the Cure: Jog for Jill 5K benefiting the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. We would love to see a great turnout for “Team Lisa.” We welcome runners going for a PR, joggers just out for a good time, and walkers looking to enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful weather. The run starts at noon in Berkeley. If you’d like to join us, you can register here.

During registration, you will have the choice to join a team. Choose “Team Lisa” from the drop-down menu before continuing with the registration process. And if running isn’t exactly your thing, you can always make a donation to the foundation, or take a day trip into Berkeley to cheer on all the runners at the finish line!

If you’re planning on joining us and would be interested in carpooling, please [email Eric at, and he’ll forward to Sara] and I’ll try to organizing ride sharing.

The Fight for Air Stair Climb, March 29, San Francisco

From Lara Williams:

Participants will climb to the top of 555 California, also known as the B of A building. (CinĂ©astes will recognize it as the setting of the 1970s movie “Towering Inferno”, though oddly enough that fun fact isn’t highlighted in the event materials. Go figure.) If you’re interested, you can register for the event directly and choose to join the team, or you can contact Eric ( and he’ll connect you with me so I can send you an invitation to the team. Cost is $25 registration fee plus fundraising minimum of $100 per person.

Also, for those who might be interested in such things: Firefighters! Lots of them.

For people who want to register directly, here’s the workflow:

* Go to this page
* Click the big red “Register” button on the right
* Click the tasteful blue “Click here to join an existing team” button on the right
* Click the tasteful blue “Search for a Team” button on the right
* Scroll down to the “Sort By” drop down and choose “Sort By Team Name (Z – A)”
* Work your way back through the alphabet from the Zs to find “Team Lisa Goldman”
* Click “Join”, and you’re on your way.